Jazz Album Covers | Designed by Jim Flora, 1947 – 1955

Jazz Album Covers | Designed by Jim Flora, 1947 - 1955
Jim Flora, Bix and Tram” Leon “Bix” Beiderbecke and Frankie Trumbauer, 1947

1954%2B For%2BBoppers%2BOnly %2B7
Charlie Ventura And His Orchestra, For Boppers Only, 1954 (7″ LP)
Jim Flora, Louis Armstrong’s hot 5, 1947 (78 album cover)

1947%2B Gene%2BKrupa%2Band%2BHis%2BOrchestra %2B78%2Balbum%2Bcover
Jim Flora, Gene Krupa and His Orchestra, 1947 (78 album cover)
Jim Flora, Kid Ory and His Creole Jazz Band, 1947 (78 album cover)
Sidney Bechet, 1948
1954%2B Inside%2BSauter Finegan %2BEddie%2BSauter%2Band%2BBill%2BFinegan%2Balbum%2Bcover

“Inside Sauter-Finegan” Eddie Sauter and Bill Finegan, 1954

Shorty Rogers Andre Previn Collaboration 1954

Collaboration,  Shorty Rogers / André Previn, 1955 >

1949%2BDuke%2BEllington%2527s%2B Liberian%2BSuite %2B %2BThe%2BHeirs%2Bof%2BJames%2BFlora%252C%2Bcourtesy%2BJimFlora.com

 Duke Ellington’s “Liberian Suite”, 1949

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