Peace, Plurality of views & Human rights | Narges Mohammadi

Aydin Aghdashloo Untitled 2010 gouache

Aydin Aghdashloo, Untitled, 2010 (gouache)

“Tyranny does not impose itself only in the political sphere. This tyranny uses every possible leverage at the disposal of the state to institutionalize discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, religion, ethnicity, and ideological orientation, particularly against women.”

“Without universities independent of government control, the natural process of acquiring knowledge and developing thought will be thwarted, if not rendered impossible.”

“They are only deceitful words that make a mockery of justice when a judicial system detains, convicts and punishes people according to the biased and malicious opinions of security-military agencies and denies prisoners their legal rights.”

“Killing, imprisoning or denying the rights of a human being is not injustice against one person; it enchains and kills a whole society.”

Narges Mohammadi
(b.1972) Iranian human rights activist

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