Painters [*/ ) Flowers | Woodcuts by Yuki Ogura, 1895-2000

Yuki Ogura Beginning of Blooming 1988

Yuki Ogura, Beginning of Blooming, 1988 / Yuki Ogura, Dayflower, 1994

Yuki Ogura Untitled 1999

Yuki Ogura, Untitled, 1999

Yuki Ogura Peach blossoms in a bottle 1976

Yuki Ogura, Shiso Flowers, 1988 / Yuki Ogura, Peach blossoms in a bottle, 1976

Yuki Ogura Peony 2007

Yuki Ogura, Peony, 2007

Yuki Ogura Tsubaki Camellia 1996

Yuki Ogura, Tsubaki (Camellia), 1996

Yuki Ogura Camellia

Yuki Ogura, Camellia

Yuki Ogura Camellia japonica

Yuki Ogura, Camellia japonica

Yuki Ogura Flower Scrap 1950

Yuki Ogura, Flower Scrap, 1950

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Yuki Ogura, Flowers

Yuki Ogura (1895 – 2000) was a Japanese nihonga painter.

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