Instant Views [o.] People | Photos by Marianne Breslauer / Alexander Rodchenko / Ansel Adams / Martien Coppens / Horacio Coppola / Jan Weselik, 1925-1960

Marianne Breslauer Alexandria 1931

Marianne Breslauer, Alexandria, 1931

Martien Coppens Eindhoven 1960

Martien Coppens, Eindhoven, 1960

Alexander Rodchenko Street From Above 1925

Alexander Rodchenko, Street From Above, 1925

Jan Weselik Untitled 1959

Jan Weselik, Untitled, 1959

Ansel Adams School children at Manzanar 1943

Ansel Adams, School children at Manzanar, 1943

Horacio Coppola Hipodromo La Plata 1938

Horacio Coppola, Hipódromo, La Plata, 1938

The Window People | Photos by Norman Lerner, New York, 1960

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