Collages with original etchings from the Victorian era | Martin Copertari, 1968-2014

Martin Copertari collages 15

Martin Copertari, Peces Voladores, 2011

Martin Copertari

Martin Copertari, Music for a Vermouth Party, 2012

Martin Copertari The City That Never Was

Martin Copertari, The City That Never Was, 2014

Martin Copertari 1

Martin Copertari, 2014

Martin Copertari Too Many Tears 2014

Martin Copertari, Too Many Tears, 2014

Martin Copertari The Distances 2014

Martin Copertari, The Distances, 2014

Martin Copertari collages 1

Album Napoletano: Vittorio Salvo Brandiforti, 2012

Martin Copertari collages 12

Album Napoletano: The Children, 2012

Martin Copertari collages 13

Martin Copertari, Wind Instrument, 2014

Martin Copertari made collages with original etchings from publications of the 19th century and lithographic prints from the early 20th century. All of his original collages are handmade and retouched with gouache. Copertari had a background in film and literature, including serving as Doris Lessing’s assistant for over 12 years.

Martin Copertari Inner Worries 2013

Inner Worries, 2013

An Excess of Love 2013

An Excess of Love, 2013

Martin Copertari Allegory with a Virgin Young Man 2013

Martin Copertari , Allegory with a Virgin Young Man, 2013

In Kolaj Issue 2, Cory Peeke interviewed Copertari for the article “What Is It About the Patina of Age?” Copertari said, “[In 2007] I started working with vintage images and from the very beginning I thought it was a good way to unify my artwork limiting myself to the use of them, which at the same time makes my work quite difficult to complete for I do not easily find the images I need to finish an idea I have in mind…so unlike the idea some people have of collage, these can be time consuming”.

A Week of Kindness / Une semaine de bonté | Max Ernst, 1934

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