Love Letters | Lucian Freud to Caroline Blackwood, 1952

Lucian Freud love letter to Caroline Caroline Blackwood

Lucian Freud, 1952

My dearest Caroline [here is the bill]
I am feeling heavy
with sadness this morning
I can hardly move. I miss
you so much I have
quite forgotten what
you are like. Do please
write to mee and
tell me
anything at

Please ask me
to paint you a picture of
something that you would
like. Mrs Mac. keeps on talking
about the poetry of Robert Luis
Stephenson and how very similar
his mind is to that of A.A. Milne.
What can I answer? L.

Lucian Freud and Caroline Blackwood Madrid 1953

Lucian Freud and Caroline Blackwood, Madrid, 1953

Frame inside | Lucien Freud, Head Of A Greek Man, 1946

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