Jean Cocteau & Colette, 1941- 1953

Jean Cocteau & Colette, 1941- 1953ColettePalaisRoyalParis1941PierreJahan

Pierre Jahan: Jean Cocteau, 1943             Pierre Jahan: Colette, Palais Royal, Paris, 1941

JeanCocteauandColetteJeanCocteauetColetteauPalais Royal Paris1947

Robert Cohen: Jean Cocteau and Colette, Paris, 1950             Jean Cocteau and Colette, Palais-Royal, Paris, 1947


Jean Cocteau: Portrait de Colette           Jean Cocteau and Colette, 1953

Jean Cocteau and Colette Palais Royal Paris 1947

Jean Cocteau and Colette, Palais-Royal, Paris, 1947 / Photo by Serge Lido


Self-Portraits | Jean Cocteau, 1909-1939

Jean Cocteau | Photos by Germaine Krull (1929-1930)

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