Photographers [Oo] Sea & City | Francis Browne (1912-1944)

Photographers [Oo] Sea & City | Francis Browne (1912-1944)Biscay2BSunset2B1924
Fr. Browne, The Marconi Room: Titanic, 1912             Fr. Browne, Biscay Sunset, 1924

At Keem Beach, Girl Combing Her Hair. Achill Island, Co. Mayo, 1939       Fr. Browne, On Garton Strand, Yorkshire, 1931


Girls on Cliffs, Dun Aengus, Aran Islands. Co. Galway, 1938            On Garton Strand:Bathers and Breakers (Surf Riders), Yorkshire, 1931

Fr. Browne, Eddystone Lighthouse, Near Plymouth, 1925
Taxi Rank, Dublin, 1930               ‘Window Shopping’ Kodak’s Shop, Dublin, 1930
Car Turning in Snow. Virginia, Co. Cavan, 1943        Fr. Browne, St Stephen’s Green in Fog. Dublin, 1944

Francis2BBrowne 1Town2BCrier2Bwith2BBell

Fr. Browne, Balbriggan, 1946             Fr. Browne, Town Crier with Bell. Knock,Co. Mayo, 1938

Live Wires, Post Office Linesmen, Emo, Co. Laois, 1937
Francis2BBrowne 2Francis2BBrowne 3
Miss Riley Nosing Around Slea Head, Dingle, Co. Kerry, 1932       Gravel buckets supplying cement works, Drogheda 1942

^ Fr. Browne, Boys watching Mail being set up for collection by the Travelling Post Office
Fr. Browne, Get your hair cut, Dublin, 1931 ^

Francis2BBrowne 4Carmel2BBowers2Bat2BAlphonsus2BCourt252C2BDrumcondra2BOn2BHer2BFirst2BCommunion2BDay252C2BDublin252C2BMay2B1940
^ Fr. Browne, Our Boys :”Shooters Shot”. Buttevant, Co. Cork, 1930

Fr. Browne, Carmel Bowers at Alphonsus Court, Drumcondra On Her First Communion Day, Dublin, 1940 ^

Fr.2BBrowne 192B222B29
Fr. Browne, Self at hairdressers, Dublin, 1942          Fishing the River. Near Foxford, Co. Mayo. 1938
Francis2BBrowne 5
Fr. Browne, Golden Youth of Tipperary: Photographer at Golden National School. Co. Tipperary, 1929

Francis Browne (1880 – 1960) was a distinguished Irish Jesuit and a prolific photographer. His best known photographs are those of the RMS Titanic and its passengers and crew taken shortly before its sinking in 1912.

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