Landscapes | Paintings by Henri Edmond Cross, 1856-1910

Landscapes | Paintings by Henri Edmond Cross, 1856-1910
Henri-Edmond Cross, Cypress, April, 1904
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BAfternoon2Bat2BPardigon252C2BVar252C2B1907Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BThe2BIles2Bd2527Or2B2528The2BIles2Bd2527Hyeres252C2BVar2529252C2B1892
 Afternoon at Pardigon, Var, 1907              The Iles d’Or (The Iles d’Hyeres, Var), 1892
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BLandscape252C2Bthe2BLittle2BMaresque2BMountains252C2B18962B 2B1898
Henri-Edmond Cross, Landscape, the Little Maresque Mountains, 1896 – 1898
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BProvence2BLandscape252C2B1898
Henri-Edmond Cross, Provence Landscape, 1898
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BLandscape252C2B18962B 2B1899
Henri-Edmond Cross, Landscape, 1896 – 1899
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BThe2BEvening2BAir252C2B1893 94
Henri-Edmond Cross, The Evening Air, 1893-94
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BChaine2Bdes2BMaures252C2B1906 1907
Henri-Edmond Cross, Chaine des Maures, 1906-1907
Henri2BEdmond2BCross252C2BPink2BSpring252C2B1908 1909
Henri Edmond Cross, Pink Spring, 1908-1909
Henri Edmond Cross, Boating In The Bois De Boulogne, 1900
Henri2BEdmond2BCross252C2BThe2BShipwreck252C2B19062B 2B1907
Henri Edmond Cross, The Shipwreck, 1906 – 1907
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BFisherman252C2B1895
Henri-Edmond Cross, Fisherman, 1895
Henri Edmond2BCross252C2BThe2BBeach252C2BEvening252C2B1902
Henri-Edmond Cross, The Beach, Evening, 1902
Henri-Edmond Cross ( 1856 – 1910) was a French painter and printmaker. He is most acclaimed as a master of Neo-Impressionism and he played an important role in shaping the second phase of that movement. He was a significant influence on Henri Matisse and many other artists. His work was instrumental in the development of Fauvism.

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